App that organise your tournaments.

STRIX is an APP Platform where you can create manage and run a game tournament hassele free.

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You can manage just one game or like Olympics have multiple games, STRIX App makes it super easy to track is all.


Powerful Features As Always

Social Feed:

Upload the latest match images and videos, make important announce.


Managing just one or multiple games is made super easy.


At any given time you can know the team standings or each player’s results.

E Commerce:

Sell tickets, merchandise and other products from the APP.


Strategic locations to advertise the sponsors.


Now get the complete information of each teams ,there owners and all the players info.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is STRIX APP ?

Strix App is a Platform where an organiser can create tournaments ,create team and add players He can also put there results of the match and players individual scores etc

What are the Packages ?

Strix App is customisable so it depends on the number of games, duration of the tournament and other factors.

How long will the information be available?

Till the tournament lasts

Is the APP free ?

Yes,the app is free to download and use.

What information can the Organiser put in the app ?

All the information about game like date,venue,rules ,also which player has qualified , Won the game and display results.

What happens to the info after the tournament is finished ?

Usually we keep the tournament live in the app till 100days after its finished but if the organiser wants to keep the info in the app longer he can let us know.

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